As an undergraduate, I taught Anatomy for the Berkeley Unified School District and Physical Education for the Oakland Unified School District. Also, I was a Substitute Teacher educating pre-K to high school students for the Austin Unified School District. I have worked in programs to improve education for children with disabilities and their families at the state, county and local level. I will bring this background to close the gap and fully fund Public Education. This includes:

  • Recruiting, retaining and supporting Wake County educators and administrators; school psychologists, social workers, nurses and school mental health professionals; school bus drivers; and all non-certified and school staff.

  • Investing in Classroom Learning by funding textbooks, digital resources, and instructional materials and supplies.

  • Committing to the highest level of educational preparation and experience by investing in school construction; school safety; universal Pre-K; school lunch programs; Art, Music, Physical Education and STEM; and Early College.


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