I believe to reach the desire to be a global leader, economically prepared for Wake County’s future, and reach our ultimate goals for the environment, we must commit to an integrated transportation system including bring back light rail into the transit plan.

My vision of an integrated transportation systems is one that has thousands of people moving timely, reliably, comfortably and safely. We would work with major companies to have staggered work start/stop times to lessen demand on roads. Once on the highways, there would be high-occupancy vehicle lanes: one for van pools, transit buses and charter buses, and the other for motorcycles, low-emission and other green vehicles, and vehicles with occupancy of 2 or more.

When it comes to mass transit with bicycle and pedestrian elements, there would be bus, light rail or bus rapid transit stops within walking or biking distance. Bicycles may be put on any bus or train. Wi-Fi enabled buses would be clean, stop frequently, and go to where people work, live or play. There also would be express buses at peak times. As for rail, we would use existing tracks, and have Wi-Fi enable trains with restaurants, conference spaces and quiet work areas.

Train stops would be hubs filled with local restaurants, shops, services and gathering places.

Funding, depending from the type of transportation, would be through bond referendums, Federal and State taxes, and (possibly, after thoughtful exploration) gas consumption tax. If

enough money is generated from the above, a wonderful incentive would be free ridership.

Companies can be given an incentive for encouraging their employees to use public transportation. Individuals may receive discounts and incentives in combinations with local

restaurants, goods and services.

In an ideal vision, the entire system, as it is accessed by walking or biking, goes to the most places anyone would work, live or play. Then, there would simply an inherent incentive to use the system and make it part of everyday life.


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