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The Stakes are High

Municipalities are independently making decisions about growth and development for their towns and cities. But, with every decision, there may be a large impact on the surrounding municipalities and on Wake County. Good and bad, these decisions directly affect public education, affordable housing, transportation, and public safety --- the top issues in Wake County.

With the above in mind, the most important issue that the Board of Commissioners will have to address is how we communicate and coordinate with municipalities. I recognized that each municipality is unique and we must respect the goals of each one. But, issues do not stop at a town or city limit, and there can be benefits in collaboration.

For example, most municipalities are updating their Land Use Plans. It would be good practice to have Wake County gather all the plans, and create a Wake County Master Plan with the municipal criteria as reference. This may be done with comprehensive community plans and transportation plans, as well.

With a more proactive approach, all Wake County municipalities and the county may be able to make inroads in how best to tackle our top issues most expediently and effectively, and help one another in the process.


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